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Say hello to the fresh Break Time® brand look!

Say hello to the fresh Break Time® brand look!

Yup, we are stepping into the new decade with new "clothes"!

Rebranding - checked ✔️

To be more precise, what do you think about our new brand image? Yes, we thought that - five years on - it was time for rebranding! Thanks to the talented brand expert Kinga Tomos, we have a new and more wavvy-like logo, plus other cool branding imagery that you will surely discover on our site and social media. 


The initial Break Time logo is also gradually being replaced by the new logo on all our products by the end of 2020.

New website look - checked ✔️

Well, our new brand image needed also a fresh and modern look for our website, so we did just that....and we hope you like it! Still some updating to do on the product photos (yes, we will have the new logo on them soon, but hey, we do have quite a large inventory, so it takes a while to reshoot all product photos and rebrand them :)