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Custom Engraving

Turn your new Break Time nautical bracelet into a unique piece of jewelry, with our ENGRAVING option.

Choose a custom engraving of a motto, a date (wedding date, birthdate of a child, first kiss etc), the name or initials of the most important people in your life, or if you are not sure what you should engrave, get inspired from our article OVER 100 ENGRAVING IDEAS FOR ANY OCCASION

You can engrave the top of the shackle bracelets (on the ROYAL mini shackle bracelets you can also choose to engrave the inside of the rectangle bar):

Custom engraving for nautical shackle bracelet for men

You can also engrave the body of the Yacht Club anchor bracelets:

Yacht Club anchor bracelets custom engraved for men for women

We also can engrave the little round charm we add for all the OCEAN MINI signature jewellery:

ocean mini designer bracelet custom engraved gift idea women men jewellery

We also can engrave the clasp of the OCEAN MAXI signature jewellery:

Ocean Maxi designer jewellery titanium steel waterproof custom engraved trending 2024

You can also engrave a handwritten message on any of our shackle bracelets, as well as on the 4cm anchor bracelets and the 3cm anchor bracelets.

You can use a thick black marker to write or draw the message you want to engrave, and then take a photo or scan the page with the text/drawing and upload it on the product page of the bracelet you choose.

Handwritten engraving for nautical bracelets

Please make sure you choose the correct size for the shackle bracelets (check the Size Guide page and follow the instructions!) when you order a custom engraved bracelet.

If you do need to return a wrong size engraved bracelet, we do not accept refunds, but we do accept exchanges with this Rope Replacement option.